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About Dianna Price-Stocker

Dianna Price-Stocker is not just a licensed Real Estate Agent; she is the embodiment of local expertise and dedication in the Hampton Roads area. As a proud representative of Iron Valley Real Estate and the President of Mr. Kempsville and Associates, Dianna has seamlessly merged her passion for real estate with a profound connection to her community.

Having called the Kempsville area home for an impressive 37 years, Dianna is more than an agent – she's a living testament to the vibrant spirit of the community. Following in the footsteps of her father, Alan Price, who founded Mr. Kempsville over 40 years ago, Dianna has not only continued his legacy but elevated it to new heights.

Her journey to becoming a real estate expert is a testament to her versatility and determination. Initially, a cosmetologist and cosmetology instructor for a decade, Dianna transitioned to pursue her dream of becoming a local real estate authority. This career shift reflects her unwavering commitment to personal growth and community service.

Dianna's commitment extends to her family life, where she is a loving wife to Zach for the past 10 years and a proud mother of two – Parker, aged 9, and Zoey, aged 6. The Stocker family holds a special place in the heart of Brigadoon, having purchased Dianna's childhood home three years ago.

Beyond her professional achievements, Dianna is actively involved in the community, making a positive impact that resonates far beyond real estate transactions. Her accolades speak volumes about her prowess in the field, having received the HRRA Award of Excellence consecutively for the past 10 years. This places her in the prestigious top 3% of agents across all of Hampton Roads.

In every aspect of her life, Dianna Price-Stocker exemplifies the values of dedication, expertise, and community engagement. Her story is not just one of success in real estate; it's a narrative of passion, resilience, and a deep-rooted connection to the Hampton Roads area.

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